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baraba   Aloes and some Succulents

Aloes form rosettes or spirals at the stem or branch tips, the long leaves taper to a fine point.  These plants can provide dramatic foliage and architectural shapes with bright tubular flowers  usually in shades of yellow, orange, or red.  They are great for our climate, needing little maintenance and can be planted individually or in groups.

                                        aloe bed                            aloe bed

We have a variety of aloes and some succulents at various prices.


Spider Aloe
Aloe Spinosissma
Pot size 200mm
Plant height 350mm


Aloe Brevifolia
Pot size 200mm
Plant height 80mm
Individual $5


Tree Aloe
Aloe Barberae
Various sizes

aloe jewel

Jewelled Aloe Aloe
Aloe Distans
Pot size 140mm
Plant height 200mm


Jade Plant
Cassula ovata
Pot size 250mm
Plant height 330mm


Vertical Leaf Senecio
Senecio crassissimus
Pot size 250mm
Plant height 350mm

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